Lundi, 16 Septembre, 2024 - 17:00 - Vendredi, 11 Octobre, 2024 - 20:00
Campus UIT - Charguia 1

In collaboration with Alibaba, the International University of Tunis (UIT) is proud to present a groundbreaking "Digital Transformation" program. This program empowers you to master the challenges of digital transformation, guiding you through the process and leading change within your organization

Become a catalyst for digital growth

  • Learn from Alibaba's experience: The GDT program draws on the vast expertise of Alibaba and its ecosystem, as well as cutting-edge research from world-renowned institutes and think tanks.
  • Gain practical skills: Put your knowledge to the test with the "Cross-Border eCommerce Business Simulation" and real-life case studies.
  • Embrace the digital mindset: Embrace customer centricity, inclusive development, and data-driven decision making for sustainable success in the digital economy.

Join an exclusive network of change-makers

As an exclusive partner in the region, UIT grants you access to Alibaba's GDT (Global Digital Talent) Network. Connect with like-minded individuals and become a key player in the digital revolution.

Program Highlights

  • Dates: June 3-21, 2024
  • Time: Evenings (5:00 PM - 8:00 PM)
  • Study mode: UIT Campus and online


  • Gain in-depth knowledge of the digital economy
  • Develop practical skills for digital transformation
  • Network with industry leaders and experts
  • Receive certification from Alibaba and UIT


For more information and registration:
Université Internationale de Tunis
Tel: 71809000
Campus: UIT Tunis


sep16 - sep20
de 17:00 à 20:00
The digital Economy - L'économie numérique
  • Comprendre les fondations de l'économie digitale
  • Le chemin unique du développement de l'économie digitale chinoise: du consommateur sur le net à l'industrie sur le net
  • Comprendre la force des Business basés sur les plateformes et les facteurs qui déterminent leurs succès
SAP Nex-Gen Lab @UIT
de 09:00 à 15:30
Features of the Digital Economy - Les caractéristiques de l'économie numérique
sep23 - sep27
de 17:00 à 20:00
Business Paradigm Shift
  • Prise de conscience des changements dans le comportement du consommateur dans l'économie digitale
SAP Nex-Gen Lab @UIT
de 09:00 à 15:30
Change nature of work - Changer la nature du travail
sep30 - oct04
de 17:00 à 20:00
Industry transformation - La transformation de l'industrie
  • MM : Processus d'approvisionnement
SAP Nex-Gen Lab @UIT